Features & Benefits:

  • Designs utilize non-magnetic materials to avoid problems in magnetic-sensitive applications

  • Suitable for medical applications such as MRI equipment where magnetic materials would compromise system performance

  • Gowanda was the first inductor manufacturer to attain ISO 13845, establishing it as a leader in this field

  • RF surface mount and RF thru-hole designs offer versatility to design engineers
  • Available in application-specific designs
  • These inductors provide relative permeability of ≤ 1.00003

Learn more about Gowanda’s non-magnetic inductors by clicking on the individual series below:

RF Surface Mount Inductors

Non-Magnetic Coil Form
Series Inductance
SMG1812 Series 0.010 – 0.082 L µH
SMG3013 Series 0.10 – 1.0 L µH
SMG5025 Series 0.10 – 4.7 L µH
SMG8527 Series 0.10 – 8.2 L µH

RF Thru-Hole Inductors

Non-Magnetic Coil Form
Series Inductance
10MG Series 0.010 – 1.0 L µH
15MG Series 0.56 – 4.7 L µH

Custom Products

Gowanda welcomes the opportunity to assist its customers with application-specific designs for a particular application where the requirements can not be met by off-the-shelf components.

Our capabilities in design, development, production and testing are extensive. If you are interested in custom products please contact us for assistance.