Gowanda manufactures numerous power transformer series as part of the company’s standard product offerings. For example, the CMF4VM and CMF5VM are both common mode vertical mount transformer choke series. The GCSVC is a vertical mount current sense transformer series. Please contact Gowanda for assistance with other standard transformer series.

For needs that go beyond such off-the-shelf components, Gowanda’s experienced design engineers are ready to work with you and your team to design a transformer that delivers the required performance and value for your application. Our particular strengths include:

  • Extensive HV Transformer Capabilities
  • Small SMT Form Factors
  • Charge Times as Low as 10ns
  • Voltage Ratings to 5kV
  • Full In-house Qualification Lab

Our custom solutions are designed to address your need for technical and economic success in a timely manner. We can quickly turn around evaluation samples to validate your design and move into production in keeping with your project’s needs. Gowanda’s multiple manufacturing platforms can help you respond quickly to customer/market demand. Our goal is to minimize your time to market and thereby enable you to effectively address your competitive market pressures.

Gowanda’s fully-equipped in-house Environmental Lab for product testing can also help you validate your design requirements in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

The following provides an overview of our capabilities for custom transformers. Due to the dynamic nature of our business, it is highly likely that we will be in the midst of expanding our capabilities when you call. So, please contact us for an update and assistance relative to your specific application. Additional information about our Capabilities is also available.

When drafting new transformers, Gowanda has engineers on staff who are experts at custom transformer and inductor design. Our experts also provide input when we provide specialty services to our customers.

Our engineering design department:

  • works to understand the client’s needs – type of transformer, circuit requirements, finishing requirements, etc.
  • uses client specifications and input forms
  • creates a rough design for the specific transformer including size, capacity and hardware needs
  • contacts the client to discuss rough design – determining if there is a need for revision
  • determines & plans specific parts and specifications – defines all technical parts of transformer and process
  • communication with client is continuous when needed

Product Types

Custom Design Options

Note: If you are interested in options other than those listed here, please contact Gowanda to discuss your specific requirements. A downloadable pdf provides an overview of our custom design capabilities for inductors and transformers (pdf).

Parameters RF Custom Transformers Power Custom Transformers
Powdered Irons
Kool MuTM
Compliance to NEMA
Temp Ratings to 200°C
Wire sizes up to 49 AWG
Single & Multi Strand
250 kHz – 1.8 GHz
1 kHz – 2 MHz
Surface Mount
Standard off-the-shelf
Vacuum Impregnation
Varnish Coating