Gowanda Electronics offers RoHS Compliant and Lead Free Alternatives.


In its ongoing commitment to supply superior quality products and meeting the ever changing global environmental regulations, Gowanda Electronics offers RoHS 3 compliant products that meet the requirements as defined in the EU Directive 2015/863. Details of specific RoHS products, solder finishes, marking, and packaging methods can be found on our site.

Gowanda’s Definition of a “Lead Free Component”

Gowanda defines a lead free component as one that is produced with a true 100% lead free solder alloy on both the internal joint connections and external lead finishes of the component.

Note: Gowanda Electronics does not claim the exemption outlined in paragraph 7 of the Annex table allowing a solder alloy of 85% lead or greater to be used in its lead free products. Please refer to the EU Directive for further information.

Gowanda’s Definition of a RoHS Compliant Component

Gowanda defines a RoHS component the same as its Lead Free component. A lead free component can be considered as being RoHS compliant by meeting the 0.1% of the homogeneous material of the device requirement and in addition is also compatible with 260°C soldering processes; verified through internal product testing. In addition, upon request, Gowanda offers a RoHS compliant component using high temperature solder on the internal joint connections and a lead free finish on the external lead terminals. Contact the factory for details.

RoHS & Lead Free Marking

RoHS & Lead Free products will typically be identified using an “LF” (Lead Free) suffix following the part number tolerance; for example 10M472KLF. All bulk, reel and outer container labels will be identified in accordance with JESD97 marking standard for lead free products as shown.

Lead Free Solder Type

Gowanda currently utilizes SnCu solder as its Lead Free solder.


In most cases, when ordering RoHS / Lead Free products, the LF suffix will be assigned to the part number and identified on the purchase order as described in the marking example above.

Since there are some exceptions to using the LF suffix, please contact Gowanda for assistance prior to placing your order.

Current Catalog Parts

Gowanda’s current standard catalog product will remain unchanged and will continue to be available upon request.


RoHS / Lead Free products are currently available upon request. E-mail Gowanda sales at sales@gowanda.com or contact a customer service representative for details at (USA) 716-532-2234.