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Competitor Cross-Reference Search

The series suggested in the cross-reference table represent the closest Gowanda equivalent based upon the competitor’s series. It is the responsibility of the user to review the product specifications to determine suitability for the intended application.

Datasheet Index

This sortable, searchable table of Gowanda’s military, broadband and standard series provides user-friendly access to our series datasheets. If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us for assistance.

Design Forms

Gowanda specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic component solutions that are more than off-the-shelf components. We work closely with OEM project teams from beginning to end to assure the success of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This information is provided to help address common questions that we encounter in the course of our daily business activities. If you have suggestions for additional FAQ items please let us know via our contact us page.

Glossary of Terms

This information is provided to help clarify and define the terminology associated with inductors and their applications. Some of these terms are listed in the component datasheets. Many terms go beyond the specification of inductors. These terms describe issues associated with inductor design and performance, magnetic materials and theory and applications. A thorough understanding of these terms and definitions will aid in the selling, procurement and application of inductor products.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging information is included on each product datasheet and with the dimensions of the product on the website. In addition, packaging information for all products can be found here for ease of access.

QPL Progress

Gowanda’s ongoing qualification testing reflects the company’s commitment to the development of high-reliability Qualified Products List series in response to market needs. More information about the status of testing and completion for Gowanda’s QPL series is available. A QPL Progress Table is available for download.

Termination Finishes

Gowanda Electronics offers numerous options for Termination Finishes. Gowanda understands the need for its components – whether standard products or custom designs – to have termination finishes that are compatible with customers’ design requirements and soldering processes. Such compatibility is key to attaining good soldering performance. With the trend toward lead-free components, Gowanda offers lead-free finishes for those components. The company also offers traditional lead-containing finishes in order to accommodate the needs of specific applications where components require such finishes.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions contained herein constitute the agreement between the buyer and Gowanda Electronics Sales Office. The agreement is limited to the Terms & Conditions and any different or additional terms proposed by the buyer are expressly rejected unless assented to in writing.

Here you will find supplemental videos to help you better understand our processes here at Gowanda and at other affiliates of Gowanda Components Group.