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AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015

AS9100D Aerospace Management Systems is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. AS9100D encompasses ISO 9001, with additional requirements for quality and safety relevant to aerospace and defines the quality management systems standard for the industry. The ISO 9001:2015 standard contains requirements affecting virtually all aspects of any company. Because ISO 9001 is designed for any company of any size and in any industry, the requirements are rather broad but incorporate the following elements: quality management system, management responsibility, resource management, product realization, and measurement/analysis/improvement.


ISO 13485:2016

This standard is an international standard recognized throughout the world for establishing a business management system specific to the medical device industry. This ISO certification is applicable to organizations that are involved in the manufacture of medical devices, and to companies like Gowanda Electronics that manufacture components for such devices. In addition to typical ISO documentation control and record-keeping requirements, ISO 13485 also includes risk management elements and greater emphasis on root cause analysis, with long term reliability as the overall goal.

Gowanda is the first inductor manufacturer to attain ISO 13485, establishing Gowanda Electronics as a leader in this field.


ITAR Registered

Gowanda-GEC,LLC is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) Registered. A registration has been issued to the company by the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Compliance Registration Division (CRD). Gowanda-GEC,LLC has created and implemented an Export Compliance Program in support of the registration.


Conflict Minerals

Gowanda Electronics fully supports the initiatives set forth by the EICC (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition) and the GeSi (Global e-Sustainability Initiative) pertaining to “Conflict Minerals.” We encourage all our suppliers to take the appropriate steps to continuously monitor both direct and indirect supply chain functions to avoid the procurement or use of “Conflict Minerals.”

Conflict Minerals Statement – Gowanda Electronics now requires a completed EICC/GeSi Conflict Mineral Reporting template from each our our suppliers which will undergo a review process every year, from August 1st to the 15th. This review will ensure we are sustaining our commitment to the Dodd-Frank Act, and our commitment to being responsible global citizens.

For more information regarding Conflict Minerals, see the following links:

Design Forms

Gowanda specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic component solutions that are more than off-the-shelf components. We work closely with OEM project teams from beginning to end to assure the success of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This information is provided to help address common questions that we encounter in the course of our daily business activities. If you have suggestions for additional FAQ items please let us know via our contact us page.

Glossary of Terms

This information is provided to help clarify and define the terminology associated with inductors and their applications. Some of these terms are listed in the component datasheets. Many terms go beyond the specification of inductors. These terms describe issues associated with inductor design and performance, magnetic materials and theory and applications. A thorough understanding of these terms and definitions will aid in the selling, procurement and application of inductor products.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging information is included on each product datasheet and with the dimensions of the product on the website. In addition, packaging information for all products can be found here for ease of access.

Gowanda Quality Manual

Gowanda Electronics has established a Quality Policy that has been approved by Top Management. It is posted throughout our facility and is available to interested parties upon request. It states:
“A commitment to continuously improve our QMS, to supply superior quality products and services to our customers that will meet or exceed their requirements, both real and perceived, recognizing that every employee must share in the responsibility of producing a quality product.”

Gowanda Supplier Quality Requirements

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions relating to the quality of materials and services supplied to Gowanda Electronics that are used in the final component or production of product.

QPL Progress

Gowanda’s ongoing qualification testing reflects the company’s commitment to the development of high-reliability Qualified Products List series in response to market needs. More information about the status of testing and completion for Gowanda’s QPL series is available. A QPL Progress Table is available for download.


REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry.

Reflow Profiles

Reliability Data – HRIP Life Test Summary

Reliability testing (HRIP Life Test) provides the most detailed form of reliability data because the conditions under which the data are collected can be carefully controlled and monitored. These tests can be designed to uncover particular suspected failure modes and other problems. The type of reliability testing a product undergoes will change along different points of its life cycle, but the overriding goal is to ensure that data from all or most of the tests were generated under similar enough conditions so that the comparison can be made of the product’s reliability characteristics at different points in the product’s life.

Note: Gowanda has done testing on many, but not all of our products.

RoHS Directive

In its ongoing commitment to supply superior quality products and meet the ever-changing global environmental regulations, Gowanda Electronics offers RoHS compliant components produced in accordance with the European Parliament Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directives RoHS-2 2011/65/EU and RoHS-3 2015/863/EU.

Termination Finishes

Gowanda Electronics offers numerous options for Termination Finishes. Gowanda understands the need for its components – whether standard products or custom designs – to have termination finishes that are compatible with customers’ design requirements and soldering processes. Such compatibility is key to attaining good soldering performance. With the trend toward lead-free components, Gowanda offers lead-free finishes for those components. The company also offers traditional lead-containing finishes in order to accommodate the needs of specific applications where components require such finishes.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions contained herein constitute the agreement between the buyer and Gowanda Electronics Sales Office. The agreement is limited to the Terms & Conditions and any different or additional terms proposed by the buyer are expressly rejected unless assented to in writing.

Here you will find supplemental videos to help you better understand our processes here at Gowanda and at other affiliates of Gowanda Components Group’s Magnetics Division.

Load Toroid Core

Load Wire on Shuttle

Wind Coil on Toroid Core

This video shows loading a toroid core into a universal toroid winding machine.

This video shows loading magnet wire on the shuttle of a toroid winding machine.

This video shows a custom toroidal current transformer being wound on Universal toroid winding machine.

Toroid Inductor Winding

Custom Bobbin Wound Inductor

Lamination Stack Inserted into Coil

This video shows a small Power Inductor being wound by a “Hook Winding” technique. This technique is used to wind a relatively large gauge of magnet wire on a toroidal shape core with a small inside diameter.

This video shows a custom bobbin wound inductor being wound on an automated winding machine.

This video shows the lamination stack being inserted into the coil. The stack is an E-I stack which is is made from silicon steel. The machine insets an “E” and “I” which forms the closed magnetic loop for each “E-I” pair.

Potting Prep Current Transformer

Finish Potted Current Transformer

Potting of Current Transformer

This video shows an encapsulation technician masking around the lead wires that exit the potting shell with a masking compound. This prevents the epoxy from leaking through the lead holes in the potting cup.

This video shows finish potted current transformers. The current transformers are cleaned, marked and shipped to the customer after encapsulation.

This video shows an encapsulation technician potting a current transformer which is mounted in a potting cup with epoxy resin compound.

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