Here you will find supplemental videos to help you better understand our processes here at Gowanda and at other affiliates of Gowanda Components Group.

Toroid Core

Load Wire on

Wind Coil on
Toroid Core

This video shows loading a toroid core into a universal toroid winding machine.

This video shows loading magnet wire on the shuttle of a toroid winding machine.

This video shows a custom toroidal current transformer being wound on Universal toroid winding machine.

Toroid Inductor

Custom Bobbin
Wound Inductor

Lamination Stack
Inserted into Coil

This video shows a small Power Inductor being wound by a “Hook Winding” technique. This technique is used to wind a relatively large gauge of magnet wire on a toroidal shape core with a small inside diameter.

This video shows a custom bobbin wound inductor being wound on an automated winding machine.

This video shows the lamination stack being inserted into the coil. The stack is an E-I stack which is is made from silicon steel. The machine insets an “E” and “I” which forms the closed magnetic loop for each “E-I” pair.

Potting Prep
Current Transformer

Finish Potted
Current Transformer

Potting of
Current Transformer

This video shows an encapsulation technician masking around the lead wires that exit the potting shell with a masking compound. This prevents the epoxy from leaking through the lead holes in the potting cup.

This video shows finish potted current transformers. The current transformers are cleaned, marked and shipped to the customer after encapsulation.

This video shows an encapsulation technician potting a current transformer which is mounted in a potting cup with epoxy resin compound.