Custom Solenoid Solutions

Gowanda designs and manufactures custom build-to-print solenoids for a variety of market sectors including aerospace, space, military, defense, medical and industrial. The solenoid serves a critical role in the function of servovalves utilized for linear activation in instrumentation, shutter control, essential locking devices and flow control.

The majority of our solenoids consist of a wirewound bobbin (per customer-specified turns) that is tape-wrapped and then overcoated by potting or molding. Configurations include single coils or dual coils (in parallel). We can also hook up diodes or encase in steel housings as value-added options. We also offer miniature coils (48AWG to 59AWG) in a number of configurations including a solid wire core. This technology enables us to serve the nanotechnology market with the same high-reliability processes that are applied to our other solenoids and answers a call from aerospace and medical markets for smaller yet highly reliable products.

We provide potting, encapsulation and conformal coating services. Our operators are certified to workmanship standards for polymeric application on electronic assemblies. Our potting process includes all of the necessary steps for space level potting such as a vacuum chamber and controlled temperature bake out. Conformal coating is performed with polyurethane, silicon or acrylic, depending on customer specifications.

We are equipped to handle a number of quality standards and specifications, including:

  • IPC 610/620
  • MIL-STD Specifications
  • ANSI/IPC-J-STD Space Addendum
  • GMP Medical Systems

Gowanda’s superior technological solutions and ultra-fast design-to-production cycle make us the supplier of choice for our clients. Our decades-long relationships are a testament to our proven ability to provide high performance component solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements.


Gowanda welcomes the opportunity to assist its customers with application-specific designs for a particular application where the requirements can not be met by off-the-shelf components.

Our capabilities in design, development, production and testing are extensive. If you are interested in custom products please contact us for assistance.