Focus on Inductors with Lead-Free Terminations


Gowanda Electronics Responds to Market Need for Lead-Free Components

Gowanda Electronics announces it will focus a major portion of its product development efforts in 2002 on inductors with lead-free terminations, in response to an increasing need in the global electronics marketplace for lead-free components and devices.

Gowanda Electronics currently offers inductors with lead-free terminations via its surface mount “CC” and “CF” inductor series. These inductors are used for RF applications in the electronics industry.

The company plans to offer lead-free terminations on a number of its inductor products in the future. These products will be developed in response to specific customer requirements, with many of Gowanda’s “Fortune 500” customers expected to lead the way as concerns increase over lead-containing components. Gowanda anticipates the introduction of additional lead-free inductor products for RF and power applications, the company’s two key market segments.

Lead has traditionally been used for inductor terminations – and for many other electronic applications – because of its unique capability to meet high technology performance requirements in a cost efficient manner. There is a growing concern in the marketplace, however, that lead should be avoided, where possible, due to the environmental issues relating to its use during electronic component assembly and throughout the devices cradle-to-grave lifespan.

Concerns over lead are most prevalent in Europe and Japan. More stringent lead use rules and disposal standards in these regions are increasing the demand for a broad portfolio of lead-free electronic components. It is anticipated that Europe will pursue regulations restricting the use of lead in electronic components and assemblies, with such regulations impacting the marketplace as early as 2006. Ref: “Directive of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Gowanda Electronics’ wirewound “CC” series, in addition to its lead-free terminations, was designed to offer improved solderability and therefore easier/faster assembly, enhanced system performance and greater system reliability.

This CC series of surface mount inductors is used in RF applications in the electronics industry, especially for wireless and test & measurement equipment where solderability is a major concern.

Gowanda Series L µH DCR Ω MAX Current Rating mA DC
CC0603 0.0018 – 0.330 0.070 – 2.2 179 – 1000
CC0805 0.0022 – 2.2 0.080 – 5.0 140 – 1000
CC1008 0.010 – 4.7 0.080 – 4.9 220 – 1000

Within each model number there are a number of discrete products available within specific inductance values.

For applications requiring inductance in the range of 1.2 mH to 10 mH, the CF1008 Model is available (and also being introduced by Gowanda Electronics at the 2001 Wireless Symposium). It is very similar to the CC Series, except that the core is ferrite.

Gowanda Series L µH DCR Ω MAX Current Rating mA DC
CF1008 0.082 – 100 0.150 – 28 79 – 1086

It is very similar to the CC Series, except that the core is ferrite.

For more information please contact Gowanda Electronics at +1-716-532-2234.

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