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Application Notes


The class level of a cleanroom designates the maximum number of particulates (0.50 micrometer (μm)) permitted per cubic feet of air in a cleanroom.

Class 100,000 = ISO 8

Color Code / Part Marking

The dash number is a three-digit code, represented as XXX within Dimensional Specification files & Datasheet drawings, that corresponds to the three numbers that follow the series name in the part number.

– 100 = 0.1 µH
– 101 = 1.0 µH
– 102 = 10 µH
– 103 = 100 µH

Date Code / Lot Code

Date and Lot Codes are represented in YYWWL format - Year/Week/Lot Symbol.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

Gowanda performs ESD testing per AEC-Q200 standards on all of our AEC-qualified products.

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)

Gowanda products are subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), but the parts are not listed with a specific Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) on the Commerce Control List (CCL). EAR99 items generally consist of low-technology consumer goods and do not require a license in many situations. However, if the proposed export of an EAR99 item is to an embargoed country, or to an end-user of concern or in support of a prohibited end-use, a license may be required.

Lead-Free / RoHS

Almost all of our parts are RoHS compliant, but not necessarily lead free. Any lead present in our RoHS-compliant parts is within allowed limits or is explicitly exempt in the RoHS directive.

Add “LF” suffix to the end of a part number for RoHS requirement.

Example: SML32S-101KLF, Gowanda designates a component RoHS-compliant by adding “LF” (lead free) to the part number. These LF components meet the ≤ 0.10% lead requirement and they are compatible with 260°C soldering processes.

Note: this applies as only to series/part numbers that are marked as RoHS compliant.

Medical, Military, and Aerospace Qualified

Yes. You can find all information pertaining to our Medical, Military/Aero or Space applications on our industry pages.

Non-Magnetic Products

Yes, Gowanda offers both Surface Mount and Thru-Hole Non-Magnetic Inductors. You can find more information about these series on our Non-Magnetic Inductor page.
  • Designs utilize non-magnetic materials to avoid problems in magnetic-sensitive applications
  • Suitable for medical applications such as MRI equipment where magnetic materials would compromise system performance
  • Gowanda was the first inductor manufacturer to attain ISO 13845, establishing it as a leader in this field
  • RF surface mount and RF thru-hole designs offer versatility to design engineers
  • Available in application-specific designs
  • These inductors provide relative permeability of ≤ 1.00003

Obsolete / Discontinued Parts

While Gowanda has discontinued a small number of series, we will, when feasible, continue to support existing customers with previous order history of the series. For many of these parts, we have developed a newer series that surpasses the performance of the discontinued part. If you search for the discontinued part on our site, you will be guided to the replacement part.
Please contact us regarding the part you are unable to find in case there is an error at our website. Although it happens very rarely, from time to time there are forces outside of our control that result in a particular part being discontinued; if that’s the case we may be able to suggest an alternate part to suit your needs.

Outgassing Test

Yes, Gowanda tests per ASTM E595.


If a Gowanda series is marked with “Outgassing Tested per ASTM E595” this means that this series meets a TML (Total Mass Loss) requirement of 1.0% maximum when tested in accordance with ASTM E595; this calculation does not include WVR (Water Vapor Recovered).

Request a Quote

There are two (2) methods of submitting an RFQ form on this site:

  1. By adding products to your cart and then filling in the subsequent form on the checkout page and submitting. This should be used if you have found and added to your cart the discreet part numbers utilized at Gowanda.
  2. By visiting our Request for Quote page. This page is unique in that it will pull in the URL of the last page that you have visited to give our team here an idea of what it is you are looking for. Like the other path to submitting an RFQ, the user must complete the form and submit for it to be sent to our team here at Gowanda.

If you need further assistance with either option, please feel free to Contact Us!

We typically reply to RFQ submissions within two business days. Please call us if you require immediate assistance.


Gowanda Electronics products are shipped and prices quoted on the basis of an acceptable quality level (AQL). No products shall be returned to Gowanda Electronics without prior written consent from the Customer Service Department and a corresponding Return Material Authorization (RMA) is completed. Products which are defective in workmanship or materials and which are not within the AQL specified, and which are not more than 30 days old from the date of delivery to buyer, will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge to the buyer, F.O.B. destination. Gowanda Electronics obligation hereunder shall be limited solely to repair and replacement of goods that fall within the foregoing limitations after receipt of material. If upon inspection, any returned products are found to be within AQL and not defective, they will be returned to the buyer subject to payment by the buyer of a minimum handling charge of 15% or $25.00, whichever is greater. Custom made parts are Non-cancelable and Non-returnable (NC/NR).


Yes. Gowanda offers S-Parameters for certain products upon request.

Modelithics has measured many Gowanda Broadband series. They have created S-Parameter Data Models to support the implementation of these products within your designs. These models can be viewed at: https://www.modelithics.com/mvp/gowanda.

Selecting the Best Part

Yes, our search parameters that are on each product page will help you narrow down the results of what we offer as Standard Product. If you do not find your exact specification, you can submit a form to our Engineering team.

You can also use our search metrics to search by competitor part numbers.

Many of our transformers can be adapted to a variety of circuit uses, by considering different connections for the windings. There are, however, many variables to consider when adapting a component designed for one application for use in a different application.


The purpose of magnetic shielding is to reduce the amount of magnetic flux generated outside the inductor, in turn reducing the likelihood of radiating energy to nearby components or circuit board traces causing electro-magnetic interference (EMI). Whether a shield is necessary depends on the proximity of other components and how field interaction would affect the circuit's performance. Field interactions are challenging to model, and measurement of the final circuit design is recommended. In addition to reducing radiated fields, magnetic shielding typically contributes to the inductance of the component, helping to achieve more inductance per given size of inductor.

Tape and Reel

Tape and reel information is included on each series datasheet and on each product page on the website. ALL series packaging information can be found on the Packaging Specifications webpage.


The weight of a Gowanda part is typically specified on the data sheet for the part. In the case of a part series, a weight range may be given that covers the entire series.