Engineering Excellence

Engineering is the backbone of what we do, and the expertise at Gowanda allows us to take on application-specific work that meets customer needs. Every step of the process is done completely in-house and on U.S. soil, which saves our customers time and money and guarantees them a level of quality that very few can touch. We specialize in a highly complex portion of the electronics sector, and the Gowanda team takes great pride in meeting customer demands day in and day out.

A track record of specialized designs and tailored solutions has established Gowanda as the industry leader in custom component solutions. We are equipped with automation systems, modern manufacturing facilities and a willingness to work with you, even on small volumes. This is in stark contrast to other companies that will consider only large volumes for custom work.

We understand the importance of time-to-market and strive for quick turnaround of prototypes and production quantities in order to keep your project on track. Unlike other companies, our prototypes are made on production equipment and are thereby representative of production quality, so the transition from prototypes to production quantities is seamless. Our in-house environmental testing lab offers our customers a full range of reliability testing with full documentation.

With more than 50 years of design experience and a collaborative culture, Gowanda continues to maintain a leadership position as the supplier of choice for custom components. We also excel at MIL-STD-981, MIL-PRF-27 and MIL-STD-202 requirements.