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  • ER5025S-Shielded-ER-SMT


    First-in-industry Shielded RF SMT Inductors with Established Reliability (ER5025S series) address M39010 (/17 and /18) for ER to failure rate Level M.

  • H-core paperclip

    H-Core - Ferrite

    High performance surface mount inductors deliver nearly 2X or more improvement in SRF and Current Rating compared to traditional designs.

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    H-Core - Ceramic

    High performance surface mount inductors deliver nearly 2X or more improvement in SRF and Current Rating compared to traditional designs.

  • Gowanda-News-ER3013-200w


    First-in-industry RF SMT Inductors with Established Reliability (ER3013 Series) address M39010 (/19, /20 and /21) for ER to failure rate Level M.

  • Gowanda-SML32S-RF-Inductors-200W


    Gowanda expanded its SML32S “1210” Shielded Series raising the upper level of inductance to 470 uH and increasing the number of parts by 20%.

  • Product Design

    Product Design

    By working with our customers at the design level, Gowanda Electronics is able to help accelerate product development cycles AND enhance product design and performance.

  • Manufacturing Tech Group

    Manufacturing Tech Group

    This group designs and develops prototype tooling and unique production equipment to support product development initiatives, enabling creative solutions to customer challenges.

  • Environmental Lab

    Environmental Lab

    Gowanda offers an in-house environmental lab with unmatched capabilities to establish the consistent performance characteristics for the most demanding designs.

  • Cleanrooms


    Gowanda provides a higher level of component manufacturing services to customers with applications that require control of environmental contaminants.

  • Custom Molding

    Custom Molding

    Gowanda Electronics has vast resource capabilities and years of experience with Custom Molding, and specifically with Transfer Molding.

  • Request-Assistance-Photo

    Request Assistance

    Use our electronic form to submit your contact information and questions to Gowanda Electronics. Or just call us at +1-716-532-2234. We will be happy to assist you.

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    Check Distributor Stock

    You can search our distributor inventory for product availability, whether you know the exact part number or just a portion of the part number.

  • SalesService-CustomerPrograms

    Customer Programs

    We offer raw material stocking, vendor management inventory, and other value-added services to help our customers achieve production efficiencies and operational streamlining.

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    Find a Sales Rep

    Gowanda has independent sales representatives in just about every region of the world. Our user-friendly search tool will help you find a representative in your area.

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    Find a Distributor

    There are numerous distributors around the world aligned with Gowanda Electronics. They keep Gowanda's components in inventory to assure customer satisfaction.

News & Information


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    Gowanda Electronics has more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing magnetic components for high performance applications.

  • Military/Aerospace


    Gowanda is a leader in the design and production of robust inductors for the military/aerospace and defense industries.

  • Medical


    At Gowanda, we recognize the critical role and responsibility that comes with being a strategic supply partner to a medical device manufacturer.

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    Gowanda Electronics has a strong background in developing coils and inductor solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

About Gowanda

For more than 50 years, Gowanda has been a leading manufacturer of board-level magnetic inductive components for the OEM electronics marketplace.

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