Custom Winding


Gowanda Electronics provides custom winding and design services for application-specific inductors, coils, chokes and transformers utilized in commercial, industrial, medical, military/aerospace and space applications. Gowanda Electronics also offers custom winding configurations for air-cores and self-supported coils that use various wire types (i.e. gold or silver); the company offers a wide range of gauges and insulations.

A track record of specialized designs and tailored solutions has established Gowanda as the industry leader in solution magnetics. We are equipped with automation systems, modern manufacturing facilities and a willingness to work with you, even on small volumes. This is in stark contrast to other companies that will consider only large volumes for custom work.

Our engineering staff is ready, willing and able to assist you with design aspects and other subtleties as needed to address your custom winding requirement. We understand the importance of time-to-market and strive for quick turn-around of prototypes and production quantities in order to keep your project on track. Unlike other companies our prototypes are made on production equipment, and are thereby representative of production quality, so the transition from prototypes to production quantities is seamless. Our in house environmental test lab offers our customers a full range of reliability testing with full documentation.

The following is representative of our custom winding capabilities:

CoilformsLinear, Solenoid, Universal (Pi), Automatic, Semi-Automatic
ToroidalPull-wound, Jovial, Gorman
BobbinGorma, Semi-Automatic