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The Gowanda Difference

Gowanda has a unique combination of product breadth, custom expertise and multiple facilities all located in the US. Our Tech Center team provides quick turnaround of prototypes and ensures smooth transition to production, always with an eye manufacturability. Gowanda’s focus on vertical integration – and keeping everything in-house – allows us to have control of every step. It also means that our operations are streamlined, so our customers get reliable, high-performance components faster, so they can get to the market with their new products and systems faster. Learn more about Gowanda by viewing our video. Then contact us for help with your next project. You’ll be glad you did.


For more than 50 years, Gowanda has been a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of precision electronic components for RF, microwave and power applications. Components include standard off-the-shelf and custom-designed inductors, chips, chokes, coils, conicals, toroids, transformers and magnetic devices in surface mount and axial-leaded (thru-hole) configurations that are used in a wide variety of electronic applications around the world. We offer RoHS compliant products as well as lead-containing components for QPL military/defense and other demanding requirements. Non-magnetic inductors are also available for situations where magnetic components would compromise system performance, as in medical imaging (MRI) equipment. We also now design and manufacture solenoids.


Gowanda’s products are used primarily by OEM companies and other entities interested in high performance electronic component solutions for the equipment and devices they manufacture. Applications include use in industrial automation and control equipment, instrumentation, medical and diagnostic equipment/devices and test and measurement equipment. Such products are used in a broad range of industries including aviation/aerospace, communication, data processing, defense/military, education, health care, process and assembly industries, security, space telecommunications and transportation.


Gowanda’s customers include Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies and other significant players in the global market. Gowanda has earned the reputation of being a customer-driven supplier of high quality, highly reliable, ruggedized electronic components. Our time-tested ability to support our customers is the key reason that we enjoy long-term contractual relationships with these major companies. Such relationships are especially important when off-the-shelf, mass produced components do not address the quality and performance requirements of demanding applications.


Ongoing investments in design capabilities, process equipment, testing systems, cleanroom facilities and quality standards strengthen and support Gowanda’s commitment to its customers. Vertical integration helps to assure shorter time-to-market, and our Technology Center is a fully-equipped and staffed state-of-the-art machine tool and design center where prototype forming equipment and ancillary systems deliver quick turnaround proof-of-concept prototypes. Transfer molding expertise provides added value. We also fabricate unique, proprietary process equipment to enable cost-effective production of custom and/or new-to-market electronic components. Our in-house environmental testing lab is DLA approved (for internal product qualifications) and allows us to streamline the testing/approval process in support of components for military and hi-rel applications. Several Class 100,000 cleanrooms support customers involved in particulate-sensitive applications, as in medical, military or space environments; the rooms are upgradable to Class 10,000 for added versatility. Gowanda is certified to AS9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management standards.


Gowanda recognizes what it takes to be a world-class supplier to the best manufacturers in the business. Being ranked in that elite group of supply partners by our customers, we are committed to maintaining that status.

Gowanda’s Strategic Growth

Gowanda has grown steadily over the years by broadening its product line, expanding its sales channels and deepening its relationships with key customers. More recently, strategic acquisitions of other firms, technologies and facilities has accelerated that growth due to effective leveraging of synergies in product technologies, applications and customers. Learn more about our evolution in the Gowanda Timeline.


Hewlett-Packard Honors Gowanda with Delivery Performance Award:

“Gowanda works with HP engineers to produce custom components that are used throughout our product line. That is their niche and they are very, very good at it”, as stated by a member of the HP management team during award ceremonies.

Defense Logistics Agency – DLA Land and Maritime

(previously the Defense Supply Center Columbus, DSCC):

“Procedures and equipment being established are the best I have ever seen in a manufacturing facility”, as stated by a member of the DSCC-VQP audit team in the commendations section of the audit report regarding Gowanda.

Test Systems, Inc. Thanks Gowanda for Support re DoD Contract:

“Your participation greatly contributed to our success under a most adverse and demanding schedule. The appreciation expressed to TSI by the Department of Defense is to be shared by all who made up the “team”. Your efforts were key to our success”, as stated in a letter written to Gowanda by a TSI executive.