The Industry Leader in Engineered Components

Gowanda’s products are used primarily by OEM companies and other entities interested in high performance electronic component solutions for the equipment and devices they manufacture where performance, reliability and design footprints are critical. Our success in solving those challenges includes demanding applications in defense/aerospace, space, medical, rail and industrial environments.


Hewlett-Packard Honors Gowanda with Delivery Performance Award:

“Gowanda works with HP engineers to produce custom components that are used throughout our product line. That is their niche and they are very, very good at it”, as stated by a member of the HP management team during award ceremonies.

Defense Logistics Agency – DLA Land and Maritime

(previously the Defense Supply Center Columbus, DSCC):

“Procedures and equipment being established are the best I have ever seen in a manufacturing facility”, as stated by a member of the DSCC-VQP audit team in the commendations section of the audit report regarding Gowanda.

Test Systems, Inc. Thanks Gowanda for Support re DoD Contract:

“Your participation greatly contributed to our success under a most adverse and demanding schedule. The appreciation expressed to TSI by the Department of Defense is to be shared by all who made up the “team”. Your efforts were key to our success”, as stated in a letter written to Gowanda by a TSI executive.