The Strategic Partner for Medical Device Manufacturers

At Gowanda, we recognize the critical role and responsibility that comes with being a strategic supply partner to a medical device manufacturer. We have participated in this market sector for decades and have earned the respect of numerous manufacturers in the medical field thanks to our ability to understand exactly what it takes to help our partners create strategically significant solutions that incorporate our inductors and magnetics. This includes solutions for implantable devices and magnetically-sensitive imaging equipment.

Medical Component Strengths

  • Solvent-resistant inductors for implantable applications
  • The imaging experts for non-magnetic inductors
  • Custom experience for micro/ultra-miniature designs

ISO 13485 Certification

Gowanda is the first component manufacturer in our industry to earn this rigorous certification. This quality standard includes the following elements of Risk Management Analysis:

      • Design/Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis
      • Measurement System Analysis
      • Gauge R&R Evaluations
      • Heightened Documentation Control

ITAR Registered

Cleanrooms: Class 100,000

Gowanda now has several in-house cleanrooms (Class 100,000), which allow us to address customers’ needs for this level of cleanliness. This environment is well-suited for component production, assembly and packaging where control of particulates is important. The rooms can be upgraded to Class 10,000.

Design and Development

  • Gowanda is fully staffed to assist with all stages of your new product development efforts
  • We have design and production capabilities that enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions for your specific application
  • Gowanda also has many packaging solutions to help meet your board level requirements

Standard and Application-Specific Products

  • Select from Gowanda’s wide variety of standard off-the-shelf inductor components
  • Creation of customized design solutions is available upon request
  • We also offer standard off-the-shelf ruggedized components designed specifically to withstand the rigors of portable medical applications
  • Micro/ultra-miniature inductors and transformers are also available for in-vivo and in-vitro applications

Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Options

  • In addition to our magnetic products noted above, Gowanda also offers a full line of standard off-the-shelf non-magnetic options; please refer to our non-magnetic inductor capabilities.
  • Gowanda also offers design services and build-to-print options for application-specific or custom product requirements that require non-magnetic solutions.
  • Typical applications for non-magnetic components include MRI end products and systems where magnetic materials cannot be tolerated.