In-House and Uniquely Capable

Gowanda’s cleanrooms allows the company to provide a higher level of component manufacturing services to customers with applications that require control of environmental contaminants. As the trend towards miniaturization continues, and products and systems get smaller and more sensitive, the need to control particulates and other forms of contamination will increase.


  • Five “Class 100,000” cleanrooms
  • Easily upgraded to Class 10,000
  • Free-standing, hard wall, vertical flow


  • Complete production – wind, assemble, package components
  • Process-specific operations – to address a unique need or requirement
  • Value-added services – to complement or augment customer operations
  • Quantities – ranging from prototype to production volumes


  • Medical – devices and components requiring cleanroom conditions
  • Military – highly sensitive communication or power systems
  • Commercial – high end applications with cleanliness requirements
  • Space – components which perform at the highest level; avoid particulates and FOD
  • High Reliability – MIL-STD-981 Flight Level