Founded in 1963 and Innovating Ever Since

Gowanda has been involved with high performance inductors and magnetic components since its founding as Gowanda Electronics in 1963. Even though we have evolved and grown over the years—both organically and by acquisition—we continue to focus on providing high-quality, high-performance component solutions that address the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their challenging requirements for demanding applications.

As dramatic changes have occurred in electronic technology over the years, Gowanda has kept pace with—if not stayed ahead of—these changes via ongoing research and development. The steady stream of new products, new technology and engineering advancements at Gowanda has resulted in the company becoming the supplier of choice for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies around the world. For these companies, the need for a component solution and not simply a product has made Gowanda an essential partner in their corporate product development teams.

Customers have come to know and appreciate the electrical engineering expertise, manufacturing quality and customer service at Gowanda. In fact, Rockwell Collins* awarded Gowanda with Platinum Premier Supplier status, the highest level in its Trusted Supplier Program. It recognizes and rewards Gowanda’s meeting the highest level of quality, delivery and business alignment in its supply of high-performance inductors to the company.

Precision components from Gowanda—and all the expertise and service that comes with them—offer OEMs a unique opportunity to address their power supply management and RF signal challenges via long term, interactive, partnering relationships with Gowanda. Such relationships are especially important when off-the-shelf, mass-produced components do not address the quality and performance requirements of demanding applications. The decades-long nature of some of those partnerships is a testament to Gowanda’s ability to excel at addressing customer needs and delivering value-added satisfaction.

*Rockwell Collins is now part of Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp.

Merger with iNRCORE

GCG merged with iNRCORE (a Jordan company). Gowanda and its legacy brands (DYCO, RCD and TTE) will operate as subsidiaries of iNRCORE.

Response to COVID-19

As an essential business, Gowanda continued to manufacture its products, many of which are used to support the fight against COVID-19.

RCD Components Acquisition

GCG acquired RCD Components (manufacturing maintained in Manchester, NH).

REM-tronics Acquisition

GCG acquired REM-tronics (manufacturing relocated to other Gowanda facilities); now part of Gowanda.

HiSonic Acquisition

GCG acquired HiSonic (manufacturing maintained in Olathe, KS); now part of DYCO.

DYCO Electronics Acquisition

GCG acquired DYCO Electronics (manufacturing maintained in Hornell, NY; 50% sq. ft. expansion in 2020).

Microwave Circuits Acquisition

GCG acquired Microwave Circuits (manufacturing maintained in Beltsville, MD); now part of TTE.

Butler Winding Acquisition

GCG acquired Butler Winding (manufacturing relocated to Arcade, NY); now part of Gowanda.

Communication Coil Acquisition

GCG acquired Communication Coil (manufacturing relocated to Arcade, NY); now part of Gowanda.

TTE Filters Acquisition

GCG acquired TTE Filters (manufacturing relocated to Arcade, NY); now called TTE.

Smallest Non-Magnetic Inductor

Introduced the industry’s smallest non-magnetic inductors (SMG1812).

Platinum Premier Supplier

Received Rockwell Collins Award – “Platinum Premier Supplier”.

INSTEC Filters Acquisition

GCG Acquired Instec Filters (manufacturing relocated to Arcade, NY); now part of TTE.

QPL Level T

First to achieve military/QPL Level T on power inductors for MIL-PRF-27.

QPL Chip Inductors - 0603/0805

First in the industry to introduce military/QPL RF chip inductors in 0603/0805 configuration (MIL-PRF-83446).

Readers' Choice Tech Award

Received Electronic Component News (ECN) Award – “Readers’ Choice Tech Award” – for broadband conicals.

Addison Capital Partners

Completed a recapitalization with Addison Capital Partners. The new structure would enable Gowanda to accelerate its plans for growth in strategically important products and markets.

Top 101 Components Award

Received Electronics Design Award – “Top 101 Components” – for a power inductor series (SMP1210S).

Moved Facilities

The company’s Yorkshire operation was moved to brand new facilities in Arcade, NY. Since then, it has grown from 10,000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft. thanks to product line expansions, increased vertical integration and the acquisition of products and technologies.

Cleanrooms Established

The first two cleanrooms were established to support medical device manufacturing. By 2020, the company had five cleanrooms to support medical device and other hi-rel component manufacturing sensitive to particulate contamination.

DLA Approved New Military Series

The first military inductor series achieves QPL rating (with many more to follow).

In-House Environmental Lab Established

An in-house Environmental Testing Lab was established and equipped at Gowanda’s headquarters to allow full internal control over testing required to support customers, especially those in the military sector where extensive testing is required for qualification (QPL). Testing equipment has been added or enhanced over the years to assure capabilities meet, if not exceed, requirements (electrical, mechanical, vibration, temperature, moisture, altitude, etc.).

AS9100 Achieved

Quality Standard AS9100 achieved, a key to supporting the aerospace, aviation and defense sectors.

ISO 13485 Achieved

Quality Standard ISO 13485 achieved. Gowanda was the first inductor manufacturer to attain it, and it is key to supporting the medical sector.

ISO 9001 Achieved

Quality Standard ISO 9001 achieved, a key to doing business in the global electronics market.

Grand Opening of New Facility

Gowanda relocated its main operations from its original 1960s location into brand new facilities on Magnetics Parkway in Gowanda, NY to house company headquarters, sales, customer service and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Gowanda Opens New Facility

A separate manufacturing location was established in Yorkshire, NY to manufacture coil forms, chips and molded forms in order to avoid reliance on outside (and ex-USA) suppliers for such items, thereby enhancing vertical integration.

Late 1990s
Gowanda Tech Center

A Manufacturing Technology Group (now called Gowanda Tech Center) was established at another site in Gowanda, NY to focus on engineering, design and prototypes for the company’s application-specific customers. The group also develops proprietary manufacturing equipment and automated systems to improve manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies, setting the company apart from its competitors.

The Beginning

Gowanda Electronics was started by three local businessmen in Gowanda, NY who wanted to establish a manufacturing business in their community and thereby create job opportunities and economic advancement. The company began with two product lines that were purchased from another electronic component manufacturer in Western New York. Those components were consumer-product oriented. Over the ensuing decades, the company transitioned to designing and manufacturing more challenging components to set it apart from its competitors and increase the value provided to its customers. Increased capabilities and vertical integration drove subsequent investments.