Production Established in Arcade, NY


Production Established in Arcade, NY

May 5, 2012

Instec Filters, a Gowanda Company, has recently opened its new factory in Arcade, NY. Instec has installed state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in our MLCC and filter assembly lines. Instec has over 200K MLCC discoidal capacitors in stock in a wide variety of values and voltage ratings allowing us to quote most of our filters for 2-3 week delivery.

Instec Filters now offers its Solder-In 610 Series feedthrough filters with steel or Kovar cases. Some applications are more sensitive to thermal excursions and Kovar is recommended. Contact the factory for details and pricing.

Instec Filters recently announced the addition of “press-fit” feedthrough filters to their 610 Series. Data sheets are being developed and will be on line shortly. Contact factory for specs, availability, and pricing.

Instec Filters includes a burn-in screening free-of-charge for all Hermetic filters in the 710 and 730 Series. In addition, up-screening to MIL-PRF requirements or SCD requirements is available for an additional charge. Contact the factory for details or to place an order.

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