Gowanda Electronics Honored for Manufacturing Excellence


Gowanda Electronics Honored for Manufacturing Excellence

Technology Development Center Awards Gowanda Electronics for its Advancements in Manufacturing – 1 of 4 Companies Honored at Annual Event

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics recently received an award for “Manufacturing Excellence” from the Western New York Technology Development Center (TDC). Gowanda Electronics was one of four companies honored by the TDC at its Annual Affiliates Meeting.

The award recognizes the advancements made by Gowanda Electronics with respect to the implementation of lean business practices at the company’s manufacturing facility in Gowanda, NY (USA). In keeping with the core concepts of lean business, and in concert with training from the TDC, Gowanda Electronics pursued and achieved reduction of waste throughout the company’s manufacturing processes.

“As a result of our success with this program we are now a more flexible and agile manufacturer and supplier of high performance magnetic components to the electronics design community. This flexibility is critically important as we continue to expand and grow in the worldwide electronics marketplace, where time-to-market is essential for future success. We have always been known for product reliability and quality…we are merely taking our organization to the next level of performance by implementing these lean business practices.”
– David Schaack, President of Gowanda Electronics

“Our effort to date – with lean business practices – has focused on the manufacturing portion of or business. But we realized the importance of extending the principles of ‘lean’ to all aspects of our business. We will be expanding our efforts in this regard to include waste reduction in sales, engineering and finance, to assure that we have an efficient and responsive organization – an organization that understands what it takes, and does what it takes, to be a global player in the inductor market.”
– Don McElheny, Chief Operating Officer

“The object of ‘lean’ is to remove waste throughout a company. That includes the wast of time, space and people as well as material and financial resources. The benefits of such waste reduction – as we have seen here at Gowanda Electronics – include increased efficiency, increased inventory turns and decreased lead time.”
– Claude Badawy, Production Manager

The TDC assisted Gowanda Electronics with its “lean” program in the areas of workforce training, cellular manufacturing and facility layout/design.

The Western New York Technology Development Center Inc. (TDC), incorporated in 1982, is a private, not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to strengthen, expand and diversify the manufacturing and technology base in a 5-county area of western New York State. As one of the 77 centers affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the TDC provides manufacturers with hands-on assistance in areas such as manufacturing process improvement, marketing and business planning, quality system implementation, information technology support and new technology application. The TDC also supports the creation and growth of science and technology-based businesses through its Entrepreneurial Services offerings and provides business consulting to tenants at the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator.

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