Solutions Designed for Demanding Applications

For over 50 years, Gowanda Electronics has been providing high quality, high performance component solutions to address the demanding requirements of OEMs. The company had its beginnings in the RF signal field in 1963. In response to customer needs, Gowanda expanded its expertise and capabilities to address board-level power applications in the early 1980s. This dual path has created unique skill sets, product offerings and technical expertise in both RF signal and Power applications.

The company’s strategic focus on high-rel solutions for military, space and flight applications is supported by ongoing investments in processes, controls and testing. As the market leader in providing high reliability inductors, broadband conicals, transformers and magnetics to the electronics marketplace, the relentless pursuit of quality and excellence has permitted Gowanda Electronics to become a leader in the industry. Our knowledgeable engineers, sales and customer service staff and global network of representatives and distributors are eager to help find the solution that best suits your needs.

Such solutions can be found in Gowanda’s off-the-shelf product lines (military, broadband, standard) and in custom-designed components, which often leverage our custom molding & custom winding expertise. Reliability is important for all our products, which is why Gowanda has developed ruggedized designs and other market-leading performance characteristics. Advances in quality, reliability and repeatability are continuously pursued and validated via ISO, QPL, AS and other certification programs.