Gowanda Adds Cleanroom Facilities


Investment Supports Medical, Military and Other Applications which Require Control of Environmental Contaminants

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics, a manufacturer of high performance inductors and other precision electronic components announces the installation of two cleanrooms at the company’s production and engineering facilities in upstate New York. The two cleanrooms are Class 100,000 but they can be upgraded to Class 10,000 as needed to meet customer requirements.

Gowanda Electronics is the first inductor manufacturer to install multiple cleanrooms. This cleanroom capacity and the flexibility it offers to customers will give Gowanda a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Gowanda’s newly installed cleanrooms enable the company to provide a higher level of component manufacturing services to customers with applications that require control of environmental contaminants. This includes applications in medical devices and military systems. As the trend towards miniaturization continues, and products and systems get smaller and more sensitive, the need to control particulates and other forms of contamination will become more important and more critical to overall performance in medical, military and commercial applications. These cleanrooms at Gowanda Electronics can be utilized for a variety of production operations ranging from complete multi-step component manufacture (wind, assemble, package) to perhaps just one performance-critical operation, depending on the customer’s need. Quantities can range from prototype volumes to full-scale production volumes.

Gowanda has demonstrated its commitment to the electronics industry and to the high-performance applications it serves with its investment in the purchase and installation of these two cleanrooms, as well as with prior investments in technology, processing equipment, and quality standards. Gowanda Electronics will continue to invest in advanced manufacturing facilities, equipment and processes to assure that the company meets, if not exceeds, the needs of its customers as they encounter more demanding applications and requirements

For additional information or assistance regarding the company’s cleanroom services please contact Gowanda Electronics at (716) 532-2234 or sales@gowanda.com.

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