Gowanda Electronics Breaks Ground for New Facility


Gowanda Electronics Breaks Ground for New Facility

Increasing Demand from the Electronics Industry for Gowanda’s Precision Magnetic Components Requires Facility Expansion

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics recently held a ground breaking ceremony to signal the start of construction of its new state of the art, 33,000 square foot facility at a new site, near the company’s existing location, in Gowanda, New York. It is anticipated that construction will be completed by the end of the year.

Gowanda Electronics currently has three facilities located in the village of Gowanda in upstate New York, about 30 miles south of Buffalo. Upon completion of the new facility, the company will move all its operations – including manufacturing, engineering, research and administration – to the new site. The new facilities will enable Gowanda Electronics to maximize efficiencies and increase capacity to meet the growing demand from the worldwide electronics industry for the company’s precision magnetic components.

“This growth in demand for Gowanda’s passive components is primarily a result of success from the company’s unique “partnering” efforts with OEMs to design, develop, manufacture and support precision components – and solutions – that address OEM-specific needs,” said David Schaack, President of Gowanda Electronics. “Gowanda’s products address the OEM’s need for high performance, precision magnetic components which can be used in applications where overall system performance – and uptime – are the driving forces for the application,” added Schaack.

By the time the new facility is completed, Gowanda Electronics expects its workforce will be 35% larger than what it was in the fall of 1999, when planning for the expansion was begun. The workforce has already grown by 25% in just the last 8 months. At the company’s current rate of growth, it is anticipated that additional capacity – beyond that provided by the new facility – may be required.

Key to the expansion project was the company’s desire to stay in Gowanda – a community from which the company’s name was derived and which has served as the company’s primary location since its inception in 1963.

Due to the particular nature of the new site, infrastructure upgrades were essential prior to the initiation of the building project. The assistance and cooperation of many individuals from local, regional and state government and private organizations resulted in the infrastructure issues being resolved and the project moving forward. Many of the those individuals participated in the ground breaking ceremony.

“My relationship and experience working with Gowanda Electronics has been very positive. Our experience has shown how the private sector and government can partner together and work to achieve common goals,” said Senator McGee. “Gowanda has demonstrated cooperation and a commitment to the people of our area. These are qualities that will serve them well in business.”

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