New High Current Inductors for Power Applications


Gowanda’s “083AT” Series Responds to Market Need for Cost-Effective Inductors with High Current Handling Capability and High Power Capacity

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics has introduced a new series of leaded thru-hole toroidal inductors designed for use in power applications where high current handling capability and high power capacity are required. This new 083AT leaded inductor (choke) series provides a cost-effective solution to design engineers looking for higher current and higher power capacity in power supply applications, where size is not as important as the current/power capacity. The transportation/shipping costs for high current designs is likewise a major consideration.

This 083AT series of high current/power capacity inductors is specifically targeted for use in power supply filtering and energy storage applications. The large, rugged construction enables the 083AT inductors to be used in these and many other power supply applications where higher current handling capability, exceptional power capacity and durability are important.

Specific applications include use in medical diagnostic, monitoring and analysis equipment, electrical/electronic test and measurement equipment, and commercial and industrial control systems.

083ATV10 – 1000.0036 – 0.019013000 – 30000

The 083AT series is a product line extension to Gowanda’s existing “AT” series which up until now had provided inductance over the range of 3.9 to 1000 microHenries and current ratings from 1.69 to 14.5 ADC.

Gowanda Electronics also offers custom designs in the 083AT series in order to meet the specific requirements. For design details or custom requirements contact Gowanda Electronics at +1-716-532-2234.

This new 083AT inductor series complements Gowanda’s extensive range of leading edge designs for power and RF applications. Gowanda is constantly adding new designs to its product portfolio in order to respond to market needs. The company also works closely with customers to find – or develop – a solution that is just right for a specific application. This new series demonstrates Gowanda’s commitment to apply process and equipment developments to new custom demands.

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