New Inductors Optimize Board Real Estate


New Inductors Optimize Board Real Estate

Gowanda’s SMRF2007 Vertical Surface Mount Inductors for RF Applications Complement the Company’s SMP2007 Inductors for Power Applications

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics announces the introduction of a new series of vertical surface mount toroidal inductors – SMRF2007 – that optimizes board real estate in RF applications. This new RF series utilizes similar technology to the developed for Gowanda Electronics’ SMP2007 series for power applications.

The SMRF series, like the SMP series, utilizes a unique housing – developed internally at Gowanda Electronics – which allows the inductor to be mounted vertically, taking up less board space than other designs on the market. The SMRF2007 was designed in response to the market’s need for components which occupy less board space – in concert with overall miniaturization of the board – specifically in RF applications.

This new SMRF2007 inductor series delivers unique performance in a space saving, “pick and place” vertical mount package that minimizes external magnetic fields. These inductors are used as signal filter components in RF circuit designs.

Applications for the SMRF2007 inductors include all RF signal circuitry in communications equipment, test & measurement equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and industrial process control equipment. Other applications include use in computers, computer peripherals, security systems, instrumentation, bar code and laboratory analysis equipment.

Performance Range for Gowanda’s Newest TOROIDAL POWER INDUCTOR
SMRF20070.10 – 470.019 – 0.640533 – 310

Key to the SMRF2007 series cost-effective performance is Gowanda’s flexibility to adjust the manufacturing processes to peak the performance for a specific usage frequency.

This new SMRF2007 inductor series complements Gowanda’s extensive range of leading edge designs for RF and power applications, including its most recently introduced “SMP2007” Miniature Vertical Surface Mount Inductor, “CC” Solder-Friendly Surface Mount Inductor, “CMF2” Surface Mount Common Mode Filter and “Power Pod” Surface Mount Inductor.

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