New Product Catalogue from Gowanda Electronics


New Product Catalogue from Gowanda Electronics

Inductor Technical Specifications for RF and Power Applications

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics announces the availability of a new comprehensive product catalogue which addresses technical specifications, design details, custom products and designer kits for the company’s four major categories of inductors including surface mount RF inductors, surface mount power inductors, leaded RF inductors and leaded power inductors.  Views of application-specific devices and website information are also provided.

Included in the catalogue are more than 14 new products introduced over the last year (see news release date), including the “CC” Series of Surface Mount Inductors (18 January 2001), the “CMF2” Surface Mount Common Mode Filter (3 October 2000) and “Power Pod” Surface Mount Inductor (12 April 2000).

“We wanted our sales representatives and customers to have a comprehensive source for information about our products,” said Ken Strohmeyer, Director of Sales.  “This well-designed and visually appealing catalogue addresses that need,” he added.

For other design details or custom requirements contact Gowanda Electronics at +1-716-532-2234 or check the company website at

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