New RF Surface Mount High Inductance Chokes


“HL 8527” Chokes Provide High Voltage Handling Capability Important to Lighting Industry and Other Voltage Applications

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics announces the introduction of a new series of RF surface mount inductors designed for use in the lighting industry and other applications where high voltage handling capability is required.  In an industry where leaded chokes are typical, Gowanda’s introduction of the HL8527 responds to the market’s interest in surface mount options.

The HL8527 Series of RF surface mount chokes is specifically targeted for use in starter circuits and electronic ballasts within the lighting industry.  The design of the HL8527 chokes enables them to handle the high voltage spikes associated with these applications.  The surface mount packaging is important for design engineers who prefer to utilize surface mount configurations instead of leaded circuitry.  These chokes can also be used in any RF application where high inductance is required.

Applications include RF signal circuitry in communications equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and industrial process control equipment.  The HL8527 chokes can also be used in security systems, instrumentation, bar code and laboratory analysis equipment, aviation equipment, navigation equipment, telecommunications and cable TV.

Technical specifications for products in Gowanda’s HL8527 series include: inductance (+/- 10%) from 16000 to 55000 microHenries (at 79 kHz) and current ratings from 67 to 50 mAmps DC.

Gowanda Electronics also offers custom designs in the HL8527 series in order to meet the specific requirements of an application.  For design details or custom requirements contact Gowanda Electronics at (716) 532-2234 or check the company website at

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