Common Mode Choke

Gowanda designs and manufactures common mode chokes for noise cancellation and filtering applications. Designs include standard types of “core with bobbin” structures (E, EP, EFD, PQ, POT, U and others), toroids and some custom designs. Common Mode Chokes are used where many electrical devices are connected to the same power lines (or power supply lines) and therefore substantial electrical noise can exist on these lines.
Common Mode Choke Filter Applications
      • Excessive line noise is present
      • In environments with high concentration of radio frequency waves
Common Mode Choke Design
  • It is typical for the inductance value of a common mode choke to be specified as a minimum requirement, thus insuring the crossover frequency is not shifted too high.
  • The frequency range of the interfering signal should be provided in order to allow proper calculation of the attenuation of unwanted signal noise in the design.
  • Proper wire sizing is accomplished by specifying the voltage and current levels across, and passing through, the common mode choke.

Common mode choke filter, line inductor, and differential choke designs vary widely in terms of power rating, inductance, voltage level (low to high), operating frequency, size, impedance, bandwidth (frequency response), packaging, winding capacitance, and other parameters.