Gowanda’s SMP1210S Power Inductor is Honored


Electronic Design’s annual “Top 101 Components” includes Gowanda’s SMP1210S power inductor at #28 in this year’s list, published at Electronicdesign.com (see links below).

Please note that the publisher’s definition of components is broader than the typical (i.e.resistors, capacitors, inductors) and encompasses such devices as connectors, LEDs, switches, motors, and power supplies. Mat Dirjish (editor of the article) indicates that rankings are derived via data culled from action taken by the nearly 50,000 recipients of Electronic Design’s weekly “Products of the Week” e-newsletter. Data includes the number of clicks on specific products and the number of click-throughs to company websites, which indicate popularity.

Electronic Design’s weekly e-newsletter features the latest and most innovative semiconductors, components, boards and modules, and design, assembly, and test products. Only a few products are chosen each week by the Electronic Design editors for inclusion in the newsletter. Of those, only a portion are components (defined above).

David Schaack, President of Gowanda Electronics, said “It is an honor to appear in Electronic Design’s prestigious list of the top 101 components of the year. Our excellent ranking(at #28)is a testament to Gowanda’s ability to develop innovative components that address the needs of the market.”

Gowanda Electronics is a US-based manufacturer of electronic components. For more information go to www.gowanda.com.

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