New MG Inductor Series from Gowanda Electronics Responds to Need in Medical & Other Applications


Gowanda’s Breakthrough Technology Provides Non-Magnetic Components for Magnetically-Sensitive Applications

Gowanda, NY (USA) – Gowanda Electronics will introduce a new inductor series with unique characteristics at “OEM New England”, Sept. 20-21, 2006 at DCU Center, Worcester, MA, Booth 823.

The new “MG” inductor series from Gowanda Electronics provides a breakthrough in inductor component technology. Inductors manufactured using traditional methods can exhibit magnetic characteristics that are undesirable in certain applications. Gowanda’s new MG series is manufactured using a novel approach that assures the inductors have non-magnetic characteristics.

Gowanda is the first global component manufacturer to introduce a truly non-magnetic inductor in the marketplace. Gowanda’s technology for the MG series is proprietary, but draws upon the company’s decades of expertise at designing and developing high performance solutions for challenging applications. Gowanda’s MG series was designed specifically for applications that are magnetically sensitive and therefore require non-magnetic components. Relevant applications include test equipment & devices and medical diagnostic equipment – specifically imaging equipment such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and specific types of X-ray equipment. The non-magnetic MG inductors (in their role as filters) block certain frequencies that otherwise would compromise the performance of the equipment or device. It is anticipated that Gowanda’s MG series will be used not only in the medical industry but also in a wide variety of market applications and industries where magnetic materials and magnetic characteristics must be avoided. These other applications include use in telecommunications, security systems, instrumentation, laboratory analysis equipment, aviation equipment, navigation equipment and electronic test equipment.

The company recently announced it achieved ISO 13485 certification. The medically-oriented ISO certification, combined with the introduction of the MG inductor series, demonstrates the commitment of Gowanda Electronics to address the needs of global medical device & equipment manufacturers.

Gowanda has been serving the inductor needs of the medical device community for many years on a solution development basis. This new MG series is the first standard series to be offered for medical applications. The company anticipates additional products will further expand its medical inductor component product line in the near future.

The MG series is available in both Through-Hole Leaded and Surface Mount versions. Technical specifications for products in the MG series include: inductance options from 0.01 to 4.7 microHenries and current ratings from 260 to 3835 mAmps DC. Numerous self resonant frequencies are available within the MG series, ranging from 90 to 1800+ Megahertz, allowing design engineers to choose a frequency of interest for their specific application. A RoHS compliant version of the MG series is also available.

Gowanda Electronics can also offer custom designs that meet the specific requirements of an application. For design details or custom requirements contact Gowanda Electronics at (716) 532-2234 or check the company website at

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